Getting Better Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important physiological functions and allows the body time to repair and complete integral processes within the organs, systems and brain.

Sleep allows the body to recover from things like exercise that can tear the muscles. This is the reason it is important to allow the body to recover through the night before a workout. Through sleep, the body is able to recover the tissues and build muscle mass which can lead to an increased metabolism, which can help you in weight loss.

Sleep is actually essential for life. There have been multiple studies that have demonstrated the effects of the lack of sleep or through sleep deprivation that have shown to decrease the life span of an individual.

What happens when the body is deprived of sleep?
The importance of sleep can be seen in patients that are suffering from sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation can have devastating effects on the body which mimic the effects of the body being under the impression of drugs or alcohol.

More than four percent of fatal crashes occur because the patient is suffering from a lack of sleep and is unable to give the attention required to drive a motor vehicle. The lack of concentration that can be seen from sleep deprivation is evident through various studies and has proven the fact that a lack of sleep can mimic the effects of intoxication as it can reduce the reaction time that is required to effectively operate a motor vehicle to avoid injury to yourself, as well as others and has also been proven to reduce memory and cause moodiness in individuals that can lead to bad decision making through the entire process.

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